SOPH has a substantial integrated research and service programme. The research strategy of SOPH is guided by a number of cross-cutting themes and approaches.

We are in particular interested in strengthening primary health care and district health systems, with approaches that take into account health policy and systems analysis and innovation, social determinants and rights, multi-sectoral action and life course approaches.

These aims and approaches influence our contribution to the following programmatic areas HIV/AIDS/TB, Maternal and Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition and Food Security, Non-Communicable Diseases and Pharmaceutical Public Health.


SOPH staff and students publish widely in peer-reviewed journals.  There were over 100 journal articles, 1 book Chapter and 5 technical reports published in 2020. In an endeavour to have a broader science impact, staff present at national and international conferences and are also encouraged to also publish blogs, newspaper articles and engage in podcasts and external webinars.  In 2020, 10 articles/blogs were written;  and staff and students presented in 6 external webinars.

SOPH has a well-established financial and administrative support system, capable of managing and reporting on large grants, with proven experience with international and collaborative grants. At any point in time SOPH has about 35-40 active cost centres; and links and partnerships with 21 countries.  SOPH has, over the past 5 years, managed an average of US$2,5 million annually in research/capacity development grants. About half of the grants received requires subgrants to other institutions in South Africa and other countries.

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