Annual David Sanders Lecture in Public Health and Social Justice

The series honours Emeritus Prof David Sanders' legacy as founder of the SOPH and recognises his considerable contributions to UWC and to the field of public health, both locally and internationally. 

Each year an eminent speaker is invited to engage scholars, practioners, policy makers and activists in contemporary challenges and opportunities for public health research, teaching and practice, brining scientific excellence and implications for political and social action to bear on their chosen issue. In so doing, they will continue the vigorous, socially engaged, scholarly debate and practice that has characterized much of David’s engagement.

Emeritus Prof. David Sanders

Founding Director of SOPH


2023 Annual David Sanders Lecture in Public Health and Social Justice

The University of the Western Cape School of Public Health (UWC-SOPH) and People’s Health Movement for the Annual David Sanders Lecture in Public Health and Social Justice and the launch of the 2nd Edition of ‘The Struggle for Health’

2021 David Sanders Lecture – COVID-19 and Social Justice

Dr Sinesipho Jojo delivers the 2021 David Sanders Lecture

2019 David Sanders Lecture – Advocate Adila Hassim

Advocate Adila Hassim discussed how we value the life and dignity within and beyond the health system.

2018 David Sanders Lecture – Prof Anthony Costello

Prof Anthony Costello delivered the 2018 Annual David Sanders lecture entitled “The Social Edge: The Power of sympathy groups for health and sustainable development”.

2017 David Sanders Lecture – Prof Hoosen Coovadia

Prof. Hoosen Coovadia addressed in his lecture the concepts of fairness, equality and equity with a focus primarily on the stratifcations based on race, gender and the private/public dichotomoies.

2016 David Sanders Lecture – Prof Sundararaman

The 2016 Lecture was delivered by Prof Sundararaman from the School of Health Systems Studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India.

2015 David Sanders Lecture – Dr Mary Bassett

The 2015 Annual David Sanders Lecture was delivered by Dr Mary Bassett, Commissioner of Health of New York City.

2014 David Sanders Lecture – Prof Richard Laing

Prof Richard Laing delivered the Annual David Sanders Lecture 2014: “Access to Medicines: the Struggle Continues”

2013 Annual David Sanders Lecture – Prof Shula Marks

Shula Marks was born in Cape Town; she emigrated to the UK in 1960 and received her doctorate from the University of London in 1967.