Since 1992 the School of Public Health’s (SOPH) annual Summer and Winter Schools have provided continuing professional development opportunities for well over 12,000 participants from South Africa and other African countries, making this probably the largest continuing education programme in public health in Africa.

Like so many things, this too changed in 2020, when for the first time we had to cancel our Winter School due to COVID.

Not only did lockdown, travel restrictions and the need for social distancing make a face-to-face event impossible, but most of the usual attendees of the courses are health workers and managers, who during this time were at the centre of having to manage responses to the pandemic.

We have taken the opportunity to reconfigure the Public Health Winter School into a diversified and expanded continuing professional development (CPD) programme that will, for the time being, be available online.

For 2021 all events and activities will be free of charge to introduce old and new colleagues, alumni, students and other friends of the SOPH to our innovations. From 2022 we hope to offer a full new programme of accredited CPD activities.

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