Ms Corinne Carolissen

ND Exec Sec & NHDPSE (PenTech)

Senior programme officer: Postgraduate Programme

Corinne Carolissen joined the SOPH in March 2001, prior to which she worked in the retail industry for a buying support group, first as a buyer’s assistant then secretary to the regional manager.

After studying education, she moved to the non-governmental sector where she worked for eight years in finance and administration, taught adult learners and organised national workshops.

She now administers the School’s Masters and PhD programmes, including co-ordinating thesis administration, assisting with the Winter and Summer Schools and providing support to a range of staff and students.


Scholarly health informatics learning

The main goal of this project is to increase the quality and relevance of education in health information systems at the three partner universities.

Demographic profiling of postgraduate students in the SOPH

To date, no investigation has been conducted to determine the profile of students enrolling in the postgraduate programmes of the SOPH.