Body size, mental health, and inequality: A life course approach
15 September 2021
Understanding the mental health disorders among males who have been traditionally circumcised
15 September 2021

African Men for Culture & Education (AM4CE)

An explorative cultural comparison of male success with traditional initiation, in collaboration with University of Missouri.

Project period

01 April 2018 – 31 March 2022

A scoping project to explore comparative experiences of traditional initiation and male circumcision in South Africa and in the African diaspora in the United States is being supported through the University of Missouri-South Africa Education Program (UMSAEP).

This qualitative study will be conducted in four countries: South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and United States. Using in-depth interviews, participants will be asked to share their knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and mental health issues related to traditional initiation and circumcision.

In 2020 this project was stalled due to COVID-19; the intention is to resume in the second half of 2021.


  • University of Missouri-South Africa Education Program (UMSAEP)
Partners and Collaborators

  • University of Missouri – St Louis