Tanya Doherty (2)

Prof. Tanya Doherty

B Nursing (UCT), MSc Nursing (UCT), MPH (Harvard), PhD (Uppsala)

Extra-ordinary professors
E: tanya.doherty@mrc.ac.za

Tanya Doherty has been an Extraordinary Professor in the SOPH since 2014.

She supervises Masters and PhD students and contributes to teaching at Summer and Winter school. Her main research focus areas are community-based interventions to improve maternal and child health and nutrition. She has led cluster-randomised trials, cohort studies and multi-country evaluations of health systems interventions across Africa and has published over 100 peer reviewed articles. Tanya holds a joint position with the SOPH and the South African Medical Research Council.

In the news

Questioning the ethics of international research on formula milk supplementation in low-income African countries

Staff inolved: Tanya Doherty, Ingunn Marie S Engebretsen, Thorkild Tylleskär, Kathy Burgoine, Anne Baerug, Raul Mercer, Phillip Baker, David Clark, Catherine Jane Pereira-Kotze, Max Kroon

‘I know what I should be feeding my child’: foodways of primary caregivers of Child Support Grant recipients in South Africa

Staff inolved: Wanga Zembe-Mkabile, David Sanders, Vundli Ramokolo & Tanya Doherty

Conflicts of interest are harming maternal and child health: time for scientific journals to end relationships with manufacturers of breast-milk substitutes

Staff inolved: Catherine Pereira-Kotze, Bill Jeffery, Jane Badham, Elizabeth C Swart, Lisanne du Plessis, Ameena Goga, Lori Lake, Max Kroon, Haroon Saloojee, Christiaan Scott, Raul Mercer,Tony Waterston, Jeffrey Goldhagen, David Clark, Phillip Baker, Tanya Doherty