Verona Mathews

Dr Verona Mathews

BA (Hons) Social Work, MPH, PhD (UWC)

Senior Lecturer

Verona Mathews specialises in Health Information Systems. 

Having worked with a national rollout of the District Health Information System in South Africa where she facilitated and co-ordinated the development, training and implementation of the system, more recently she has expanded this field, specifically focussing on the decentralisation of human resource management the public health sector. Her research focus is on the human resources for health specifically in the areas of monitoring and evaluation, human resource management and information systems.  She works on both national and district levels to design and implement a human resource information system to inform evidence-based planning and decision-making.


In the news

Demographic Profiling of postgraduate students in the School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape

01/09/2020 – 30/03/2022