27 September 2018

Spotlight: Building public health system capacity for NHI: Learning from disease-specific successes for system development, By Helen Schneider, Uta Lehmann, Lucy Gilson

We are reminded on a daily basis of failures in our public health system: strikes, stock-outs, critical vacancies, vulnerable patients left to die, cancer patients without treatment, dilapidated and poorly equipped facilities, rampant corruption and wholesale capture of provincial health departments.
30 November 2017

Symposium: Public health perspectives on the crisis in higher education

In 2017 we combined the ceremony at which the Jakes Gerwel Award in Public Health for Outstanding Contribution in the field of Public Health was awarded with a symposium on ‘Public health perspectives on the crisis in higher education’ – in the wake of the #Fees must Fall movement and debates on decolonising higher education.