16 November 2021

Exploring Politics and Contestation in the Policy Process- The Case of Zambia’s Contested Community Health

Staff inolved: Joseph M. Zulu, Maligzani P. Chavula, Adam Silumbwe, Margarate N. Munakampe, Chama Mulubwa, Wanga Zulu, Charles Michelo, Helen SchneiderUta Lehmann
23 October 2021

Community health workers at the dawn of a new era: 3. Programme governance

Staff inolved: Simon Lewin, Uta Lehmann & Henry B. Perry
30 August 2021

Organizational change and everyday health system resilience: Lessons from Cape Town, South Africa

Staff involved: Lucy Gilson, Soraya Ellokor, Uta Lehmann, Leanne Brady
24 August 2021

Webinar: Universal Health Coverage in India: Critical Areas of Policy Reforms and Research for Better CHW Engagement

Oxfam Policy Management hosted a webinar on ‘Universal Health Coverage in India: Critical Areas of Policy Reforms and Research for Better CHW Engagement’ on 15 July 2021.
11 August 2021

Prioritizing people and rapid learning in times of crisis: A virtual learning initiative to support health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

Staff invovled: Beth Engelbrecht, Lucy Gilson, Pierre Barker, Krish Vallabhjee, Gareth Kantor, Mike Budden, Anita Parbhoo, Uta Lehmann
11 August 2021

Policy Adoption and the Implementation Woes of the Intersectoral First 1000 Days of Childhood Initiative, In the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Staff inolved: Ida Okeyo, Uta Lehmann, Helen Schneider
22 July 2021

Public Health Needs Leaders With Heart – Public Health Leader Juanita O. Arendse Receives Jakes Gerwel Award 2020

“South Africa’s public health system faces a number of challenges - and we need leaders to solve them, not just managers. That’s one of the lessons COVID-19 has helped drive home - and it’s one we all need to learn.”
20 May 2020

What lessons to draw from COVID-19 in Cape Town?

As public health researchers and educators in a city currently experiencing a seemingly runaway COVID-19 epidemic, we are increasingly being approached to provide our ‘expert’ opinion on the reasons for this.
23 April 2020

Reflections on COVID-19 from a health systems perspective: Digest 1 & 2 & 3

In order to support the COVID response across the country, we thought there might be some value in sharing some of the many, many, many blogs and short pieces that present COVID-related experiences that are less well publicized in the mainstream global media.