14 December 2021

A Facility-based Family Support Intervention to Improve Treatment Outcomes for Adolescents on Antiretroviral Therapy in the Cape Metropole, South Africa

Staff inolved: Zaida Orth and Brian van Wyk
14 December 2021

Stress and coping among unmarried pregnant university students in South Africa

Staff inolved: Thandiwe Msipu Phiri, Patrick Nyamaruze & Olagoke Akintola
14 December 2021

Exploring Factors Associated with Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment Compliance Behaviour in Cape Town, South Africa

Staff inolved: Annalie Wentzel and Zandile June-Rose Mchiza
14 December 2021

Overcoming blame culture key strategies to catalyse maternal and perinatal death surveillance and response

Staff inolved: MV Kinney, LT Day, F Palestra, A Biswas, D Jackson, N Roos, A de Jonge, P Doherty, AA Manu, AC Moran, AS George, on behalf of the MPDSR Technical Working Group
14 December 2021

Intersectoral collaboration before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Western Cape- implications for future whole-of-society

Staff inolved: Helen Schneider,*Ida Okeyo, Alheit du Toit, Beth Englebrecht, Leslie London, Elizabeth Pegram, Gavin Reagon, Keith Cloete
17 November 2021

Measuring mental wellness among adolescents living with a physical chronic condition- a systematic review of the mental health and mental well-being instruments

Staff inolved: Zaida Orth* & Brian van Wyk
16 November 2021

Exploring Politics and Contestation in the Policy Process- The Case of Zambia’s Contested Community Health

Staff inolved: Joseph M. Zulu, Maligzani P. Chavula, Adam Silumbwe, Margarate N. Munakampe, Chama Mulubwa, Wanga Zulu, Charles Michelo, Helen SchneiderUta Lehmann
16 November 2021

Factors that influence parents’ and informal caregivers’ views and practices regarding routine childhood vaccination: a qualitative evidence synthesis

Staff inolved: Sara Cooper, Bey-Marri Schmidt, Evanson Z Sambala, Alison Swartz, Christopher J Colvin, Natalie Leon, Charles S Wiysonge
23 October 2021

Determinants of viral suppression among adolescents on antiretroviral treatment in Ehlanzeni district, South Africa: a cross-sectional analysis

Staff inolved: Emeka Okonji, Brian van Wyk, Ferdinand Mukumbang & Gail Hughes