13 July 2022

Is the US infant formula shortage an avoidable crisis?

Staff inolved: Tanya Doherty, Anna Coutsoudis, David McCoy, Lori Lake, Catherine Pereira-Kotze, Jeffrey Goldhagen, Max Kroon
6 June 2022

Conflicts of interest are harming maternal and child health: time for scientific journals to end relationships with manufacturers of breast-milk substitutes

Staff inolved: Catherine Pereira-Kotze, Bill Jeffery, Jane Badham, Elizabeth C Swart, Lisanne du Plessis, Ameena Goga, Lori Lake, Max Kroon, Haroon Saloojee, Christiaan Scott, Raul Mercer,Tony Waterston, Jeffrey Goldhagen, David Clark, Phillip Baker, Tanya Doherty