6 June 2022

What Is COVID-19 Teaching Us About Community Health Systems? A Reflection From a Rapid Community-Led Mutual Aid Response in Cape Town, South Africa

Staff inolved: *Manya van Ryneveld, Eleanor Whyle, Leanne Brady
30 August 2021

Organizational change and everyday health system resilience: Lessons from Cape Town, South Africa

Staff involved: Lucy Gilson, Soraya Ellokor, Uta Lehmann, Leanne Brady
11 August 2021

Cape Town’s response to COVID-19 shows that another kind of society is possible

Staff inolved: Manya van Ryneveld, Eleanor Whyle, Leanne Brady
23 April 2020

The power of people caring for those affected by Covid-19

Rather than large, sterile and clinical self-isolation centres, let’s imagine for a moment, that everyone who couldn’t self-isolate at home could be accommodated within their neighbourhoods — in an environment that was designed not to transmit Covid-19, while also being familiar, humanised and conducive to social and community bonds.