25 December 2020

Reimagining health in the Eastern Cape: A dysfunctional public health system is not inevitable

The persistent challenges in public health in the Eastern Cape, highlight the critical role of leadership.
20 May 2020

What lessons to draw from COVID-19 in Cape Town?

As public health researchers and educators in a city currently experiencing a seemingly runaway COVID-19 epidemic, we are increasingly being approached to provide our ‘expert’ opinion on the reasons for this.
8 May 2020

New book with contribution from SOPH colleagues out! Health for the People: National Community Health Worker Programs from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe

22 January 2020

Rebuilding health systems from the bottom up: a South African case study, by Helen Schneider

The recent publication of the National Health Insurance Bill in South Africa has provoked vigorous debate.
28 August 2019

Assessing community health worker programme governance: A guiding framework, by Helen Schneider

Based on research on the real-life tasks and challenges faced by policy-makers and managers in taking CHW programmes to scale, and drawing on conceptual and empirical literature on governance,5 this brief presents a framework structured around a set of key questions to ask in assessing the governance of CHW programmes.